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Since moving to western North Carolina, we've learned to incorporate "mountain time" into our training philosophy. We continue to work and ride with high expectations, but without agenda or time pressure. Horses all learn at different rates, and the same is true for their owners, handlers, and riders. We create the best possible environment for that learning to take place.

About Us

We love animals - especially horses. We love people, and we love to teach.

Although we've both been blessed to study under some of the most expert horsemen in the word, we've learned what they know too - that it's the horses who teach us.

No matter what performance goals you have for your horse, it's the journey - the every day interactions and the relationship you build - that can be so rewarding.

Our goal as trainers is always to help you and your horse work together. We may do much of the training ourselves, especially with more challenging horses or youngsters, but our goal is to get you involved as soon as possible, and to create a horse that will become a fun and rewarding partner for you.

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