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In 2009, we left Lynn'D Farms in Ocala, Florida, where we had created a very successful and intense business. We were blessed with many extraordinary clients - many of them repeat customers - and many who became friends. We regularly had over twenty horses on the farm and were still teaching outside lessons and traveling to conduct clinics. When the opportunity came about to move to the Cashiers area of North Carolina, we were sad to leave the wonderful people in Florida, but truly relieved at the change of pace, climate, and scenery.

Very soon after moving, we got acquainted with "mountain time." Everything moves slower and takes more time here. The narrow, twisting roads make it impossible to hurry. Appointment times are negotiable and people make fewer plans for a single day. Even with today's technology, phone calls and e-mails don't always answered the same day. More to the point, there is no expectation that they will be.

It has been very challenging for us to slow down after the fast pace and high intensity of the business in Ocala. But we have finally gained an appreciation mountain time. The scenery in the area demands that you stop and stare; the weather - when it's beautiful - makes you want to live outside, but the frequent rain can force you indoors for days at a time. All of this has led us to enjoy long, leisurely rides when possible, and to abandon agendas and deadlines when it comes to the horses' progress. Fewer horses means more time with each one, and an even higher quality of attention, care, and training.

Mountain Time dramatically changed the way we do everything. Thus, the name of the farm was born.

A Little History...

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